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Current Fundraising page by Friends
Dear friends, family and whoever will read this post. I have a unique story to share. At the beginning of October 2020 I met Mom Faraji the founder of Tuleeni Orphanage in Moshi, Tanzania. After living the everyday life in the orphanage and the small hospital he built, I became part of this wonderful family and I saw for myself their altruism and now we need your generosity. Mama Faraji is the most caring, uninterested and inspiring woman I’ve ever met. It’s thanks to his commitment, dedication to his community, especially to the most in need, that this has all become home for so many children. As a child she dreamed of helping to build a small hospital, the project has already started, she has a minimum badget to keep the structure up, but it’s not enough because there are many difficulties. The expanding structure still predicts the cost of around $ 22000 usd. Donations are truly needed and appreciated. Any help you will be necessary to help Mom Faraji and her children around the village.
In the link is the mode of donation directly to the Clara dispensary fund account. For any doubts you can contact me privately, Giorgia Vellucci , Flaria Felix Faraji
Please send donations through:
  Total Funds Received $931.14
17/12/2020 Meku Co. Ltd $10.00
24/12/2020 Catia Promutico $120.00
12/11/2020 Federica Moriconi $10.00
03/11/2020 Marco Frioni $165.00
01/11/2020 Marco Pomella $350.00
29/10/2020 Elisabetta Toti $23.50
29/10/2020 Marco Di Lelio $5.00
29/10/2020 Vellucci Italo $20.00
28/10/2020 Emanuela Fanfarillo $20.00
28/10/2020 Paolo Frusone $10.00
28/10/2020 Simone Fanfarillo $20.00
28/10/2020 Marco Frioni $22.64
27/10/2020 Marco Maddaleni $40.00
27/10/2020 Francesca Gori $10.00
27/10/2020 Maria Claudia Rossetti $90.00
27/10/2020 Giuliano Paglia $5.00
27/10/2020 Alessio Pavia $10.00