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Clara dispensary is a small health facility located in Uru village – Moshi Rural district – Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania. This project started in 2018 by Mama Faraji who is also a Founder of Tuleeni Orphans Home. The project buildings weresponsored by Lions Club in Belgium through Mr. Günter Constandt.

This project concept came, after assessing the needs of medical help in the village where most of the people cannot afford paying for medical treatment. After interviewing local community members and assessing the existing facilities within the immediate area, it became apparent that there was a great need of medical facilities that can be more easily accessible. It was found that many individuals within this area do not attend their medical needs, despite some people being seriously ill. The main challenge is distance and medical treatment costs.  This is particularly an issue for those who may have ongoing medical conditions that require frequent medical attention, such as weekly visits.

Our Services

Our main services are Health care seminars, Doctor consultations, Preliminary measurements such as blood pressure (BP) and weight, Laboratory tests (STD’s, Malaria, Diabetes, Gastrointestinal diseases etc.), Medical services (Pharmacy), Medical injection, Cleaning wounds and minor surgery. The project focus in healthcare treatment and prevention.


We offer direct healthcare provision to children and people in need who otherwise cannot easily access health facilities. Were;

  1. We Arrange and provide transportation for sick children from orphanage, their home or school to the hospital and pay for all medical services.
  2. Purchase and deliver medicine prescribed by a doctor to the children.
  3. Arrange and escort the children to see specialists as necessitated by their condition.
  4. Transport HIV positive children to a specialised clinic for check-ups and cover all associated costs.
  5. Supply our beneficiaries with first-aid materials. First-aid supplies include: cold medicine, antibacterial cream, plasters, bandage wraps, gloves, malaria diagnostic kits, mosquito nets, scales to monitor weight, and much more.


We provide health education to children and their guardians-villagers in order to promote healthy behaviour, prevent illnesses, and address stigmas. Were;

  1. We Arrange first aid training workshops led by a nurse and lab practitioner for the guardians of the children in order to educate them on how to properly use the supplies in the first aid cabinets to detect and treat common ailments include diagnosing malaria, dressing wounds, treating basic injuries, and responding to choking emergencies, among others.
  2. We present workshop to female youth to educate them on the importance of menstrual hygiene and on how to make and utilise re-usable pads. The workshop both addresses stigma and teaches girls a sustainable and healthy way to manage their menstruation so that it does not interfere with their daily life or school attendance.
  3. Provide healthcare talks through doctors from nearby Hospitals to the children on basic health issues including dental hygiene, safe drinking & eating practices, and the importance of using mosquito nets.
  4. We deliver workshops and training sessions that are especially pertinent to the children and people we serve. We teach them them activities that they can conduct with the children to promote improved hygienic practices and ultimately prevent common illnesses. We also provide Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) education workshops to children over the age of 10 to prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted infections (including HIV/AIDS), unplanned pregnancies, and sexual violence.


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