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Dear everyone I know; friends, family and whomever will come across this post.

I have a unique story to share after witnessing the everyday life at Tuleeni Children’s Homeand Clara Dispensary closely, I’ve become familiar with how far a helping hand can go, and we need your generosity. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been introduced to one of the most caring, selfless and inspiring women I’ve ever met. Her name is Flaria Felix Faraji (Mama Faraji). It’s due to her commitment and dedication that more than one hundred children are enrolled in school, have food on the table, and a shelter filled with love and respect, instead of being compelled to live on the street. Despite Mama Faraji’s life story being tough, it captures strength and kindness. I will do my best to make it as short as possible. Back in 1968, Faraji was left with her grandmother, who sold cigars that made just enough to send Faraji to school. This secured her a job as a teacher after her grandmother passed away. Due to Faraji’s position as a teacher at a little school in a village called Rau in Tanzania, where many children were orphans, the small family slowly began to grow. Although the rice was carefully counted the following years, Faraji could relate to many of the vulnerable children’s situations living in rural areas with no parents and she couldn’t bear the thought of their destiny, especially without any kind of access to education.

Anna Lehmann Thomson

from Australia, who was volunteering at the school. She encouraged Faraji to start an orphanage. And at this time, Mama Faraji was already caring for 12 children. Although the thought had never crossed her mind, the idea was appealing after observing that the number of orphans in the community kept increasing. The following year, Faraji met a volunteer,

Meghan Jones

from Bermuda, who was enrolled in a different project but quickly noticed Faraji’s courage and big heart, and helped her get started by providing essentials such as beds etc. In 2006, thanks to

Anne Sine van Marion

and her husband Peter from Norway, a new world appeared: sponsored school fees.

The orphanage was formally registered as an NGO in 2009 (with registration number 00NGO/00003265). And last year, 2019, they received the Children’s Home License, which is an approval for meeting the requirements of the Law of Child Act and the regulations made thereunder (license number 0005513). This is unfortunately vital due to a growing problem regarding running orphanages as a business, rather than really supporting the children. Although many have helped along the way and almost all the children have educational access, there is still work to be done. Due to the official registration of the Tuleeni Children’s Home (which is quite unusual here), the government of Tanzania now has a place where they can send the abandoned kids.

An increasing number of children at Tuleeni Children’s Home also means continuously growing expenses such as school fees, hospital visits, medicine, food, etc. As a result of an increasing number of children, the latest project is to build a dispensary (small hospital) in the village, which will not only benefit the one hundred plus children but also the rest of the community. The project has already started and we have already built one building which helped the hospital to be up and running but we still need more funds to build another building that will be used as a maternity and wards for patients who needs close monitoring. The building will cost 22,000 USD.

Mama Faraji’s greatest wishes are therefore: 1) to get enough funds to build this maternity ward. And 2) to get enough funds to run the dispensary (an alternative sustainable solution for health insurance).

Therefore, financial donations are truly needed and greatly appreciated. Faraji is not only an inspiring soul but a trustworthy woman with a vision of helping even more children in the future. If you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to message me. Thank you for reading Faraji’s story; you are more than welcome to donate and share the post! Any kind of contribution will help Mama Faraji to get a small hospital up and running.

The children are grateful!

Donations can be sent directly to Clara Dispensary fund account (follow the link below),

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Lots of Love!!

Cammilla, Volunteer